Jaws Blackbirds

Jaws Blackbirds is not new... We have been around one way or another for several years, but have up until recently not been in a position to offer a good comprehensive service to our fellow bikers.
Based in North Somerset, Karen ( the boss type person ) has been around motorcycles since ... well a long time. In that time they has owned and ridden almost every type and make of machine in existence, and has a vast store of useful ( and useless! ) knowledge at her finger tips.

Although I have worked in the wholesale and retail field for many years,

recent history has been based around on line retailing and family unit management

In 2000 Jaws was born, and after many successful years the torch has been passed to us to

carry on the top notch customer service that has always been the number one priority to Jaws Motorcycles.

Now JAWS Motorcycles caters for all kinds of bikers, especially those who wish to get in to the bike scene with a limited budget. The company philosophy is based on the question, 'How would I like to be treated ?

That is why we are always ready to discuss your needs and maybe save you money !

We are a family based business,
so we KNOW what people like us need !
Every member of the JAWS 'crew'
rides regularly, from the very
youngest to the... well lets say we all ride !
Staff members
all seem to rack
up high mileage
on their road
bikes too...

So come on and join the JAWS family. At least give us a try, what have you to lose !

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